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Benefits of Polaris Office Pro

  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Use it on up to 15 devices
  • Connect to your cloud storage
  • 1TB of document storage
  • Export to PDF

See the reviews of Polaris Office 2017 users from around the world!

Rating / 5.0
Easy and intuitive. If you can now use MS Word/Excel, etc. you'll be fine and quite happy. If you're a novice or new user, you'll still be happy. This is a greaat program
- Johnny
I like the new and sleek look, the power, and the nice speeds. Pen feature is awesome, i would say it is definitely better than MS office
- James Tobin
I've finally found an awesome open source alternative to Microsoft Office suite. Every thing I've been searching for and more!
- dxfulford
I started using Polaris Office Viewer three years ago. Now with Polaris Office, it's never been easier to modify my documents! I really like it. ^^
- wipark90
It looks great and all the features are great! The top bar looks neat and spaced out, and are easier to understand. This Polaris Office (Windows) Application is overall the best writing tool I know at the moment, and it'll be hard for me to part with this!
- aguywithnoskills
Works better than the microsoft office. Look like I'm actually use microsoft office. You guys took it above and beyond my expectation for a word processing software. Excellent job.
- birdsongowen
I love this App. Wonderful to use at university for lecture-notes, that you have immediatly on your computer when you're at home. Thumbs up!
- Benjamin Allmendinger
love polaris office. use it for school!! microsoft word is ok dont get me wrong but polaris i just love! i used it on my cellphone aswell for quick notes. i have this on my tablet aswell. thanks guys
- adnankonj88
I love Polaris Office♥ It really helped me when I needed to edit documents for my assignments, I love Polaris Office!!♥
- merun1202
일단 한글,엑셀을 잘쓰지 않는 사람으로써 업체에서 이런파일로 주면 정말 열지도 못하고 난감했는데 정말 대박 인거 같아요
- cheeseyaang
한글 버전을 이용했는데 그 전에 잠시 이용했던 다른 프로그램보다 메뉴구성이 한글과 비슷하게 이루어져 있어서 이용이 매우 쉽고 편했다. 또한 저장에 대한 동기화가 빠르고 한글에서 쓸 수 있던 다른 단축키 등을 그대로 이용할 수 있다는 점이 굉장히 인상적이었다. 현재 이용중인 노트북에서는 한글문서 작업을 할 수 없어서 불편했는데 그런 불편함이 완전히 사라질 것 같아서 굉장히 만족스럽다.
- qkrthgus04
너무 좋아요. MS 오피스만 가지고 있고 한글이 없어서 가끔 한글 파일 편집할 일이 있을때마다 곤란했는데, 폴라리스 사용해서 너무 편해 졌습니다. 한글뷰어에서 워드로는 카피 페이스트가 안 되는데, 폴라리스에서 한글 열고 워드로 카피 페이스트가 되니 너무 좋네요.
- mybang1024

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