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Are you using Polaris Office 2015?
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The perfect Office suite bridging between PCs and mobile devices has been released.
Do your document jobs efficiently with Polaris Office!
Work Conveniently

View and edit documents in various formats, such as Microsoft Office®, HWP, PDF, and ODT.
You can convert documents to the format you want.

  • All Formats Supported
    View and edit documents in PDF, ODT, and TXT formats, as well as Microsoft Office® documents.
  • Convert and Edit PDF Documents
    Convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to PDF documents and convert PDF documents to the desired format to edit them.
  • Save Documents in Multiple Formats
    Convert documents to various formats, such as DOCX and ODT. You can also save documents as images.
Connect from Anywhere

Collect documents in one place and continue working anywhere on your PC or mobile device.
You can improve your work performance.

  • Various Devices Supported
    Automatically sync documents on all your devices and view them immediately.
  • External Cloud Connectivity
    Connect to cloud storages you are using so that you can manage your documents in one place.
  • Document and Full-Text Search
    Increase efficiency by using the powerful search features to quickly find documents.
Collaborate with Colleagues

Share documents easily, collaborate with your colleagues, and view changes in real time.
Collaboration is easier than ever.

  • Share Documents
    Share documents with your colleagues easily by sending emails or URL links.
  • Collaborative Editing
    Multiple users can edit one document at the same time. All changes are saved automatically.
  • Chats and Comments
    Multiple users can add comments to a document and share their opinions via chats.
Edit Conveniently

Polaris Office supports various languages and provides a familiar editing environment.
Install easily and work conveniently.

  • Small Installation Size
    The small installation size allows you to download it without worrying about your storage space and continue working anywhere.
  • Various Languages Supported
    Polaris Office supports 18 languages for international users to edit documents conveniently.
  • Familiar Editing Menus
    Polaris Office provides Microsoft Office®'s ribbon menus and keyboard shortcuts for users to edit documents conveniently.
Finish Superbly

Create documents using the powerful editing features and various templates.
You can achieve amazing results.

  • Powerful Editing Features
    Use the spell checker, pivot tables, and smart guides to create flawless documents.
  • Excellent PDF Features
    Annotate PDF documents to share your ideas and opinions with others.
  • Various Templates
    Use more than 40 templates to stylize your documents and make them shine.

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Free Download
  • Are you using Polaris Office 2015? Click Download to update to Polaris Office 2017.
  • Polaris Office 2017 is available in a Personal edition and Business edition. Individual users can use the Personal edition for free, the same as the Basic version and corporate users can use the Business edition with a 30-day free trial. However, contact us for information about license-based products.
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