Office file viewer, editor & Sharing : Polaris Office

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  • View, edit, and share Office documents on your PC and mobile devices

    Fast, Light, Convenient

    Perfect Office suite - Bridging PCs and mobile devices!
    Complete your documents efficiently with Polaris Office!

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  • Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, ODF viewer and Editor

    Supports all document formats
    in a single program.

    Fully compatible with Microsoft Office, PDF, TXT,
    and other document formats.

  • Supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and more

    Connect to your favorite Clouds.

    Access to all your scattered documents in multiple cloud storages.
    Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, you name it!

  • Share office files with link, e-mail and chatting

    Share your documents.
    The simple & easy way.

    Easily share documents just by sending a link.
    You can even exchange ideas with chats.

  • Synchronize office files with PC and Mobile

    Work free, from any device.

    Your documents are synchronized on all your devices.
    Check your most updated documents and continue working from anywhere.

  • Fully confidential security system

    Fully confidential security system

    Acquired ISO 27001 certification to safely protect personal information
    and documents within Polaris Drive.

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