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BYOD, the New Smart Office Trend, is Increasing Enterprise Security Risks The trend of employees bringing their own mobile devices to work, also known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), is rapidly growing and is anticipated to continue to lead the enterprise mobility market. With this rising trend, companies face new security issues related to mobile device management, mobile apps, data management and protection. It has become necessary to implement plans to prevent the leakage or the malicious usage of company information through devices.

Why install Polaris Office?

Along with employee ease of use in the mobile work environment and guaranteed work productivity, security is the key element in implementing a perfect “smart” work environment. Polaris Office offers high compatibility with Microsoft Office. Currently, Polaris Office is installed on devices made by Samsung, LG, HTC, and other global manufacturing companies, making it the top mobile office software with more than 8 hundred million users worldwide. A truly smart work environment can be achieved through document viewing and security features for information protection with the powerful features of Polaris Office, the most popular office software for mobile devices.

  • View and Write Documents
    Anywhere and Anytime
  • Safe Management of
    Enterprise Data
  • TCO Reduction through
    Reasonable Price

Key Features

Superior Performance & Rich Features
Superior rendering quality presents documents as they appear on a PC, and supports fast loading and stable flicking.
Various editing features available on PC versions of Office software are now available on mobile devices, enabling you to create outstanding Microsoft Office, PDF, txt, and other document types.
  • High rendering quality: Enhanced support for Microsoft Office formats, supports 3D shape, chart, and Smart Art
  • Setting up various object inserts and formats: Supports 160 shapes, 20 types of charts, and various effects (shadow, glow, etc.)
  • Fully supports presentations: Slide show, 34 slide transition effects, inserting videos, etc.
  • Convenience through annotations: Provides PDF annotations and memo
  • Supports various templates: Easy and convenient document creation through templates in each format
  • UX for mobile environments: Optimized UX for each device and expanded multi-select
Safe Document Security
Safe Document function is applied to protect important company documents and to prevent document information from being exposed.
  • Volatile Save feature : The volatile save feature to prevent a document from being saved on the mobile device
Optimized customization
Provides optimized customization service tailored for the business environment of each company