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South Korea, POLARIS OFFICE Corp., Bando B/D, Banpo-dong,


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Unlimited storage per month
Support 15 digital devices with Polaris office smart
Convert PDF documents to various document formats
You can convert PDF documents to MS Office Word, Sheet, and Slide documents and conveniently edit them.
Annotate or note at PDF documents
Annotate on PDF
Highlight key text and note down
your ideas in PDF documents.
Convert and export MS office files to PDF
Send as PDF
You can export WORD, SHEET, and SLIDE documents as PDF format.
Search within office documents
Search filenames and body content quickly and accurately.
Annotate and draw with pen on office documents
Handwriting Feature With Various Pen Styles!
Annotate documents with various pen styles. (Compatible with MS Office 2013 and later)
Track changes and restore documents
Version History
Check the document version history and restore documents anytime.
Protect office documents with password
Set an app password
to protect your Polaris Drive.
AD FreeAd-Free
Enjoy Polaris Office even more without any ads!


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